On July 24th 2015, amendments to the energy act and the law…

On July 24th 2015, amendments to the Energy Act and the Law on Renewable Energy Sources concerning the activities of wind energy producers, were promulgated in the Official Gazette and entered into force.

The establishing of “Security of electricity system” fund obliges all manufacturers to conduct monthly payments to public provider, in order to cover its costs. By the 5th day of the current month, the producers of electricity from renewable energy sources should submit information to the fund for the income by the electricity sold for the previous month. The contribution of 5% of this income should be transferred to the bank account of the Ministry of Energy until the 15th of the current month.  An Ordinance on the manner of collecting, spending, accounting and controlling the fund to which contributions of producers have been already transferred, is still expected.

The amendments in the Law on Renewable Energy Sources introduce legal definition of net specific production of electricity.  The electricity to be bought up at feed in tariff determined by the State energy and water regulatory commission will be to its extent.  Quantities in excess of this production will be bought at a price for excess at balancing market. These quantities may be used by the producers for their own use or may be sold at freely negotiated prices at the balancing market.