Audits, consultations
and sales of projects

For those who want to invest in wind or solar power plant projects or in already-built and operating power plants, Long Man Holding offers a comprehensive audit of the design and technical documentation. Our team has extensive and lengthy expertise in different areas and it can provide legal, technical and economic advice and help you to invest in the energy sector at a minimal risk level.


Due Diligence Legal, technical and financial audit of RES projects

  • Legal due diligence audits the project documentation and its compliance with current regulations. We perform complete analysis of property and property rights - easements, rights of way, cable laying, etc. The analysis includes verification of the procedures for permission, elaboration and approval of development plans, as well as availability of reconcilement statements, letters required for the permit regime and acts for construction permission. We analyze and comment on the construction and operation contracts. In case of incompleteness and inaccuracies, Long Man Holding makes rectification recommendations.

  • Technical due diligence examines the completeness of the technical documentation and investment projects, including the infrastructure technical solutions for a wind or solar power plant. All parts of the investment projects are analysed - electrical, geological, constructions, geodesic, technical solutions for roads and crane pads, as well as the compliance of the project documentation with approved plans, statements and concluded grid connection contracts.

  • Financial Due Diligence develops financial models for return on investment, including investment costs and cash flows based on operation costs and revenues from expected annual electricity production. The financial due diligence of already-constructed projects analyses the financial results for past periods and provides information about future prospects.


Our team guarantees complete and professional analysis of the project or the operating power plant, so as to minimize the risk of purchasing it. To this end, the company performs legal, technical and financial due diligence.

In case of incompleteness or inaccuracies, recommendations are specified in the reports.

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Project Sales Economically profitable and legally stable solutions for the acquisition of RES power plants

То those wishing to invest in a green project or in an already-constructed RES power plant, Long Man Holding provides the most cost-effective and stable legal solution for acquisition. The joint work of our team, which is specialized in different energy fields, guarantees professionalism and the comprehensiveness of the audits necessary for the sale of wind and solar projects.

Depending on the specific case, we offer different procedures for legal and technical acquisition - acquisition of the capital shares of the owner company; declaring the power plant as a combination of real estate and movables as a non-monetary contribution to the capital of a new company and its acquisition; transformation procedures under Chapter 16 of the Commerce Act, etc.

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Legal assistance and advice Expertise in energy legislation and legislation related to the design, construction and operation of energy sites

Our team consists of highly qualified lawyers with extensive experience in wind energy development, with in-depth and up-to-date knowledge in energy legislation and legislation related to the design, construction and operation of energy facilities.

You can count on us for legal opinion on various cases, contracts and agreements. We hold consultations in the field of environmental protection and biodiversity legislation. The company has good practices in legal aid in case of damages in accordance with the insurance contracts. We prepare and deposit various legal documentation in regard to legal changes in order to fulfil already-agreed obligations.

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