Service and maintenance

The excellent technical condition of the wind turbines and the grid connection equipment is one of the main factors for achieving maximum efficiency in electricity production, reflected in the income from its sale. In this regard, the company has built a modern service depot in the heart of wind energy in Bulgaria – the region of the town of Kavarna. It means that a full range of technical and maintenance services for the wind farms can be duly performed when necessary.  Well-trained technicians are available on site, ready to react speedily if repairs are needed.

What we can do for you?

  • Generator inspections;

  • Gearbox inspections;

  • Transformer inspections;

  • Inspection of the pitch system;

  • Inspection of yaw system;

  • Delivery and change of spare parts;

  • Delivery and change of main components;

  • Delivery of consumables;

  • Inspection and repair of blades;

  • Control and oil change;

  • Maintenance and service of MV equipment and transformer station;

  • Maintenance and service of SCADA system, fibre optic and low current;

  • Winter maintenance and repair of access roads and crane sites;

  • Maintenance of the wind turbines adjacent areas.


During operation, wind turbine blades are exposed to a constant risk of damage in different weather conditions. ABC Wind Farm conducts regular inspections of wind turbine blades and towers and undertakes repairs if necessary. The company has a platform for access to towers and blades at hub height of 105 m. The access platform allows inspection, cleaning and painting of towers, and inspection and repair of blades. ABC Wind Farm also has a blade-repairing UV system, which treats the affected area of ​​the blade in the temperature range 5 ° -30 ° C. The equipment provides extremely fast and high-quality results.

With more than 17 years of experience in the wind industry, ABC Wind Farm has become a trusted partner setting new levels of wind turbines performance. To minimize lengthy and difficult repairs, the company relies on preventive maintenance, which has become a top priority. This significantly reduces downtime due to repairs and increases the efficiency of the turbines. Depending on the needs of the customers, ABC Wind Farm offers flexible solutions for each individual wind farm, covering a wide range of services related to their maintenance and optimum operation.

Customer satisfaction is of great importance for us and we are constantly working on the development of the services we offer. With the integration of modern electronic platforms and services we strive to keep up with global market trends.

Drone inspections

Following the modern technical trends, ABC Wind Farm started inspecting the condition of the wind turbine blades by the use of drones. In this way, maximum optimization of the term and costs for such inspections was achieved.

Components in stock

So as to ensure minimal downtime of the wind turbines due to failures or necessity of components change, the company has built a modern service depot with stocks of spare parts for wind turbines of various manufacturers.