About us

Long Man Holding is a Bulgarian company specializing in the development of RES projects, a service provider in the RES sector and the only Bulgarian independent operator providing technical and commercial management of wind farms. The company is notable on the Bulgarian RES market for its complete or partial participation in completed projects coming to 380MW and 550MW of projects still under development. It is the owner of 6 wind farms and a shareholder in a company for electricity production forecasting.

Long Man Holding implements its project and service portfolio through two main companies


The two companies are different in their competencies and experience, they cover certain stages of project implementation, but working in coordination and synchrony, this contributes to the completeness and depth of the project implementation and ensures high quality, up-to-standard and safe investment for our clients.

Based on extensive experience and resources, Long Man and ABC Wind Farm take full commitment and care over the development of the investment idea – from the design, development and construction to commercial, technical management and maintenance of already-constructed projects.

The modern service depot of ABC Wind Farm is located near the town of Kavarna – a spot full of renewable energy projects that we are implementing and servicing. Favourable location makes it easier for our service teams to respond to any urgent matter as soon as possible, 24/7.

The office of Long Man - the company developing and managing renewable energy projects, is located in the central part of Varna. The location allows quick and easy access to municipal administrations, government agencies and the local network operator.


Long Man Holding emerged together with the wind energy sector in Bulgaria in 2003

A few years on, the small Eastern-European country is proving to be a good place to invest for many foreign investors looking for good opportunities and profitable businesses.

The ability to take the right step at the right time, foresight, stability and professionalism turn Long Man Holding into a fast-growing company that is trusted by future electricity manufacturers and foreign investors entering the Bulgarian market. Over the years, the company has grown to such an extent that today it is not only a provider of services in the RES sector, but also the only Bulgarian independent operator providing technical and commercial management of wind farms.



Beginning of the active development of wind energy activities. Installation of the first professional measuring equipment NRG Systems in Bulgaria.


Expanding the scope of activities. New investments in wind power projects. Establishment of ABC Wind Farm - a company for construction, operation and maintenance of wind farms.


Completion of the design and construction of several wind farms in north-east Bulgaria. Installation of the first new 2MW wind turbines in Bulgaria, 10MW (5 x V90-2MW).


Expanding the project portfolio by finalizing the design and construction of more wind power projects in north-east Bulgaria (200MW)


Expanding the portfolio of services by adding commercial management activities of wind farms. First projects of ABC Wind Farm abroad.


Expanding the scope of project sales activities – selling SPVs, legal and financial due diligence reports; apportionment procedures and company mergers.


Set up of energy management department. Expanding the scope of activities by development of solar power plants. Joining the global dealer network of NRG Systems.


New wind park projects with new generation wind turbines with higher technical parameters. Establishing and strengthening the positions in the management of operating wind power plants. Selling guarantees of origin.


As company founders and management core, the Long Man Holding management team represents the best possible scenario for the company's development, combining a personal approach to business as an overall achievement with the expertise and solid professional background over the years.

Iliyan Petkov


Mr. Iliyan Petkov is a lawyer and a Master of law with 32 years of legal experience. He is one of the founders and owners of Long Man Holding and has been Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2010. His skills as a lawyer have been extremely useful for the company development over the recent 20 years, while his expertise has been growing mainly in the wind industry. Mr Iliyan Petkov has been actively involved in all stages of Long Man Holding development. His excellent knowledge of the energy sector makes him a high-level manager in wind industry with a wide range of professional expertise. Together, Mr. Iliyan Petkov and the other members of the management team set common company goals, make high-level management decisions and direct the company so that it has managed to achieve sustainable rates of development over the years.
Tsvetan Ivanov


Mr. Tsvetan Ivanov is one of the founders and owners of Long Man Holding AD. His professional background involves over 42 years in the field of management and organization of construction processes and logistics of infrastructure sites. Mr Tsvetan Ivanov has spent the past 20 years in the wind energy sector. Since founding the company, he has participated actively at all stages of its development, with a main focus on organization of the construction process in the overall construction of wind farms, service and maintenance of commissioned facilities, organizing the technical management process and 24/7 monitoring of managed capacities. His high level of professional expertise has been extremely useful, even at the investment stage when determining suitable terrains, and his excellent technical knowledge has been of significant importance in investment design and technical due diligence. Mr Ivanov is Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Long Man Holding AD and manager of ABC Wind Farm OOD.
Eng. Diana Petkova


Eng. Diana Petkova has 20 years of extensive experience in the wind energy industry. She is one of the owners, executive director of Long Man Holding AD and CEO of Long Man OOD. Since company founding, she has been actively involved in all stages of its development. Her main responsibilities include project management, including wind measurement campaigns, design of energy sites, technical investment projects, contract management, facilities commissioning, commercial and energy management, legal, technical due diligence, sale of wind projects. Eng. Diana Petkova received her Master's degree from the Technical University of Sofia.
Hristinka Ivanova


Ms. Hristinka Ivanova is a financial director of the company with 32 years of experience in financial policies and accounting. Since starting her activity in 2004, her expertise has been focused on financial processes in the wind energy industry. Mrs. Hristinka Ivanova manages the financial resources of the company, as well as the teams responsible for accounting and financial planning. She is responsible for control, analysis, financial due diligence, reports, and budgeting. Hristinka Ivanova is one of the owners and executive director of Long Man Holding AD and CEO of Long Man OOD.


Trust is what we build up in our relationship with customers, partners and the team. We do so with transparency and reliability, strictly adhering to agreements, acting honestly and openly at all levels and stages of our work. We strongly believe that trust contributes to the solid ground on which we have built our sustainable and successful business and has made Long Man Holding a stable and desirable partner.

Responsibility is key to the work to which we have dedicated all our efforts over the years. Responsibility to people and business. Responsibility to time and money. Responsibility to nature. Responsibility at every step. It has been a long journey during which we have dedicated our full commitment to renewable energy and remained responsible and focused. And we are proud of what we have achieved.

Teamwork - a core value in our code of ethics, which is certainly and auspiciously moving our company forward. In our team we have pooled our knowledge, strength and abilities, and we share a common commitment to our work. We have created an environment of trust, mutual respect and support, in which we all follow clear priorities, goals and plans.

Professionalism - we believe that it is the basis of all successful initiatives. That is why we strive to fulfil our commitments in a disciplined, responsible and competent manner; to continuously improve the quality of the services we offer, and the knowledge and skills we possess. Professionalism requires offering solutions that are cost-effective, flexible, adequate and relevant to the time, conditions, the dynamic market, trends and the legal framework. And all this based on our experience, expertise, good business vision and flair.


At Long Man Holding we have the privilege to work with established customers and partners in the energy sector. And we treat this with great responsibility.

We make our cooperation a priority. The wide range of expertise of our team, combined with the quality and efficiency of the services we offer, allow us to meet all requirements and achieve and maintain the best results.