Project development

The company has over 20 years of experience in the development and management of wind power projects, which dates back to 2004, when the design of the first wind energy projects in Bulgaria started. Extensive experience and a long-standing partnership with established designers, as well as local and state authorities, have enabled us to create good practices based on professionalism and propriety. In recent years, we have increased the scope of activities in the renewable energy sector, also included development of solar power plants, as well as research in the field of the fuel of the future – hydrogen.


What we can do for you

  • Choosing terrains with appropriate wind and solar potential
  • Providing terrains for wind and solar projects
  • Installation and adjustment of measuring equipment for assessment of energy potential
  • Wind audits, software simulations, calculation of expected annual production
  • Optimization of the project by choosing turbines and solar panels and their situation on the selected site
  • Business models and consultations for project financing
  • Detailed development plans (DDP) - terrain plans, cable routing plans
  • Environmental permits, incl. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedures
  • Technical projects (geological reports, geodesy, electrical, construction design, Health and Safety plan, Fire safety plan, etc.)
  • Building permit
  • Preliminary and final grid connection contracts
  • Licences
  • Commissioning and Use permit
  • Contracts with grid operator
  • All necessary services prior to "ready for construction" stage


We can support you from the birth of your project idea to its realisation - turnkey implementation, fully undertaking to carry out feasibility studies, investment design, providing a building permit in accordance with all regulatory requirements of applicable law and project management during its construction. We also control the construction process and its compliance with the project documentation, so as to ensure legal commissioning and Use Permit.

In addition, we can be of help in some specific important steps of your project, providing services for individual procedures or stages of its development.

Environmental projects

When developing and implementing projects, we comply with the highest environmental requirements of Bulgarian and international legislation. We work with the best experts in the field of environmental procedures in order to achieve fast and high-grade EIA and EA.

Business models

Based on our experience and information, the business models we can prepare will provide you with the most objective information about the investment and operational costs, revenues from your project and the payback period of your investment.


Design, construction and commissioning of the 'Hrabrovo' wind farm The wind farm, with a total installed capacity of 14 MW, was implemented with 7 x V90-2MW in the land of the village of Hrabrovo, Balchik municipality. For the project, we carried out: full scope of project activities, complete construction of the site and Use permit. The Hrabrovo wind farm has been in operation since 2011.
Design and commissioning of the NONA power line The site consists of 20kV underground power line and optical cable over 23 km long, starting from the main switchgear, located in the area of the wind farm, to the NONA 110/20 kV substation, for connection to the electricity distribution network of HRABROVO - 12MW, 6 x Vestas V90-2MW.
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedure for the Dabrava wind farm - 153.3 MB Successfully finalized Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedure of the Project for construction of the DABRAVA wind farm with a total capacity 153.3 MW, consisting of 73 wind turbines in the region of the villages of Dabrava, Dropla, Kremena, Tsarichino, Senokos and Sokolovo, in the Balchik municipality.
Business and financial model for the General Toshevo wind farm -300MV Drawing up a business plan for the "General Toshevo" wind farm 300 MW based on a detailed analysis of the energy sector in Bulgaria, regulatory framework and the investment opportunities.
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