Long Man has concluded the first energy management contracts with producers with installed capacity of 4MW and over 4MW

Due to our great experience in the field of administrative, commercial and technical management of Wind Parks and the accumulated trust on us by RES producers, our first clients in the direction of energy management for producers with installed capacity 4MW and over 4MW are already a fact. Since the beginning of 2019 Long Man has succeeded to sign its first contracts for energy management in this segment, and currently more than 10 companies with total installed capacity of over 45MW have trusted our team. We are confident that managed by Long Man capacities will grow fast.
This package of services is with regard to the new legislative framework, in force since 01 January, 2019, which has put the RES producers with installed capacity 4MW and over 4MW in a situation of real competition and market risk and imposed new requirements. In the light of the legal amendments Long Man has committed to increase the financial performance of its clients by optimizing the cost of balancing energy and by the successful sale of the produced by them electricity on the energy exchange.