Changes in the energy sector

In May 2018, amendments were adopted to the Energy Act and the ERSA /Energy from Renewable Sources Act/, related to the liberalization of the electricity market in Bulgaria.
The main change in the Energy Act for the renewable energy sector is the removal to the free market for all producers who have a preferential price for electrical energy and have installed capacities of 4 MW and over 4 MW. None of the other RES producers will be affected by the changes.
With the reforms in the Energy Act from January 1st, 2019, these producers will be obliged to sell all their electricity on the organized electricity market, the difference between the market price and the preferential price will be compensated by granting a premium from the Security of the Electricity System Fund. This premium is fixed for different groups of producers and will be calculated for the year ahead by the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission and the reference market price will be determined according to a special methodology.
Long Man team is prepared to respond adequately to the amendments in the Energy Act and to provide the best conditions to its clients for realization of the free stock market. To that end, Long Man increases the number of services offered in the “Free Market” package by including additional activities. Our commitments to the clients of the stock market are increasing, to whom we are fully prepared to offer a wide range of analytical, planning and negotiation services to define prices, terms and conditions for the sale of produced electricity.
In regards with the emerging necessity of optimization of prognosticating of the produced energy, we generate and record prognosis schedule for the wind park energy production. We also provide full representation to the Security of the Electricity System Fund .