Measurement of wind
and solar resource assessment

Long Man Holding has extensive experience in the supply and installation of wind measuring masts and analysis equipment. Within the scope of the measurement campaigns, we collect and process the registered data, perform wind potential analyses and prepare wind audits, using specialized software WindPro.

Over the years, we have conducted many wind measurement campaigns for wind projects in Bulgaria and abroad. The audits with wind resource estimates and calculation of the expected annual production have been accepted by financial and banking institutions when financing the projects.

We work with leading companies in the production of measuring sensors - NRG Systems, Nomad, Ammonit, and Second Wind. We also have good experience with LiDAR, which allows measuring the wind potential at heights outside the range of traditional masts. The devices are mobile and allow monitoring of the spatial distribution of the wind resources within a wind park through a series of short measurement campaigns.

What we can do for you

  • Selection and delivery of measuring equipment
  • Construction and maintenance of measuring equipment
  • Data collection and processing
  • Data analysis and determination of wind / solar potential
  • Evaluation of resources in view of orography
  • Evaluation of the power curve to select the best turbine type
  • Evaluation of the production and efficiency of the solar system
  • Optimization of the location of the solar system
  • Shading and noise effect calculation
  • Correlation and correction of raw data with long-term data from meteorological models
  • Net energy production on annual, seasonal, monthly, daily and hourly bases
  • Calculation of losses and inaccuracies
  • Variability at different degrees of probability P50, P75, P90

As an authorized dealer of NRG Systems, Long Man Holding can supply both measuring masts and wind analysis equipment, as well as a full range of equipment for measuring, assessing and monitoring the solar potential of a site. This makes it possible both to assess the future production of a solar installation and to monitor and optimize the production of an existing solar park.

Using PVsyst professional software, Long Man Holding performs solar research, evaluation and project planning for roof and industrial solar systems. The company can provide the right solar solution for your sites, which will allow you to sell the produced electricity on the free market or use it for your own needs and reduce your energy costs.

Long Man Holding is an authorized dealer of NRG Systems for Bulgaria.