Wind energy in Bulgaria

Long Man is a part of a Bulgarian holding structure. Long Man Holding is the company that joins together several companies providing wide range of services and activities in renewable energy sector in Bulgaria. Through its equity shares in the capital of its subsidiaries Long Man Holding controls their management and their economic efficiency.

Long Man and ABC Wind Farm are the main companies in the group structure. As a result of their activities, Long Man Holding provides both turnkey projects and individual activities in design, construction and maintenance of wind farms in Bulgaria.

Within 2008 -2015, it develops its scope of activity by investing in production of electricity from wind energy. The companies Long Man Invest, Long Em and Long Man Energy have been established as special purpose vehicles possessing wind farms with a total installed capacity of 3.5 MW.

Long Man Holding is entirely private company and its owners are also a management team, which along the years definitely managed to create good name and increase the financial stability of the company.


The wind has been used as an energy source since Antiquity, as far back with the invention of the wind mills and the sail. In the contemporary society when the need of more reliable, clean and renewable sources is one of the biggest challenges the humanity faces, the advantages of the wind cannot be left unnoticed. 

The wind as a resource is easily accessible, free of charge and also clean and unexpendable energy source. Although it is unstable as a speed and direction, the development of wind projects in suitable areas near the seaside or on the high parts of the mountains, allows using the maximum potential of this source. As it is not related to the fossil fuels supply, this energy resource is not affected by the changes in the price of the petrol and the price of the produced energy is competitive to the one produced by fossil fuel plants. 

The financial advantages are not the only plus of the wind energy. The benefits for the nature and environment are also significant. Apart from cheap, the wind energy is ecofriendly and renewable- there is no air or soil pollution, CO₂ emissions and radioactive waste. The land where wind parks are installed can be used for industrial or agricultural activities, without disturbing the ecological balance and the life of the population. 

The contemporary way of living requires more electric power. Securing it becomes one of the most important questions we are facing at the present moment. It is a challenge to find an efficient, cheap and ecological way of electricity production.

We choose the wind. 


  • Pioneer in Bulgaria in developing wind power plant projects. 
  • Team of highly- qualified professionals in the area of wind energy- engineers, lawyers, economists. They all work with care and professionalism for your investment. 
  • Work with professional software for wind energy assessment WindPro enabling optimization at every stage of the project implementation.  
  • Good working practices with all institutions related to the wind power plant development in Bulgaria- local and national authorities, electricity distribution companies, designers, ecology experts and all consultants necessary for the project implementation. 
  • Portfolio with more than 350MW project capacity in Bulgaria, as many of them have already been installed and are currently working projects.
  • More than 15 years experience in administration and management of wind parks guaranteeing administration services of highest quality. The installed capacity we manage in Bulgaria is 105MW.
  • Convenient location of our offices in Varna and Kavarna- in the heart of the wind energy in Bulgaria. 
  • Certified under  International quality standard ISO 9001 and Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Services:  OHSAS 18001 with  Design and commercial management of wind parks activity.
  • Part of Long Man Holding- the only company of its kind offering the full set of services in the wind energy field. The coordinated work with our experts in construction and maintenance of wind parks guarantees completeness and thoroughness of the services.


Long Man is established in 1996 but the fast-paced development of the company started in 2003 when the company began conducting activities in the wind energy sector in Bulgaria. With our experience of more than 12 years in the industry and profound knowledge in the RES sector we manage to provide the full package of services to the investor.

  • 1996 - establishment of the company in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

  • 2003 - start of the active developing wind energy activities.

  • 2004 - buying terrain for the construction of own project Long Man wind park near Kavarna, Bulgaria, installation of the first professional measuring equipment NRG Systems in Bulgaria

  • 2005 - first contract with a client for the development of a wind project, as the first stage is finalized and commissioned the same year.

  • 2006 - start of several other investment projects for wind parks, expanding the activity scope and creating ABC Wind Farm with a main activity construction and maintenance of wind parks; part of our offices are relocated in Varna, Bulgaria.

  • 2007 - acquisition of the build lease of ‘Long Man’ wind park 10 MW and finalization of sale and construction contract with Global Wind Power, a leading Danish company in the wind energetic; completion of the design and construction of several small wind parks in the Northeast of Bulgaria.

  • 2008 - installation of the first new 2MW turbines in Bulgaria in Long Man wind park 10MW (5  x V90-2MW).

  • 2009-2012 - finalizing the design and construction of Hrabrovo, Evklips, B-Z Eksport, Arko Import,Vidno, Dropla wind parks; finalising Assessment for the Environmental Impact of Dabrava
    150MW wind park, building permit of Gurkovo 40MW wind park, certification of Long Man on international standards ISO9001 и OHSAS18001; creation of Long Man Holding

  • 2013-2014 - orientation of part of the company’s activities towards the administration of wind parks during operation; wind audits and business model of General Toshevo 300MW  wind park; procedure for the acquisition of VEC Engineering

  • 2015 - expanding the scope of activities  in regard to project sale -  selling  companies owning wind parks, conducting  legal and financial due diligence; implementing apportionment procedures and companies mergers.


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  • Iliyan Petkov
  • Chairman, Board of Directors
  • Long Man Holding AD
  • tel: +359 52 622 650
  • mob: +359 896 889 753
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  • Tsvetan Ivanov
  • Deputy Chairman, Board of Directors
  • Long Man Holding AD
  • Manager, ABC Wind Farm OOD
  • tel: +359 52 622 650
  • mob: +359 898 418 489
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Here in Long Man we understand that being a professional is a driving power and lies at the roots of any initiative’s success. That it why our aims to be professional in each direction of our activity. The high qualification and inner motivation of the team is our priority. 
Our main goal is through responsible and professional attitude to maintain the high quality of our work required by the high standards in the RES sector in Bulgaria. The services we offer are in complete accordance with the vision and budget of the investor, as well as with the dynamic field.  To follow the market tendencies is a priority for us and we strongly believe that this is one of the main reasons to be among the most successful companies in the wind energy sector in Bulgaria. 
Behind the well established name of Long Man stays the unceasing development of already existing techniques and standards in the project design and construction of wind park projects, as well as the  incorporation of new practices improving the quality of the product we offer.

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