Wind study is the activity of Long Man which aim is to ensure as authentic information as possible to the future investor in regards to the wind potential of the chosen terrain. The assessment of the wind as an energy source is essential and is of primary importance when determining the profitableness of each project. 
Long Man is specialized and has significant experience in the delivery and installation of wind masts, as well as in the conducting of met mast wind measurements, collection and processing of registered data, wind potential analysis and reports creation.  We work with the products of the American company NRG Systems, as well as Nomad, Ammonit, Second Wind and others. At the beginning of 2020 we have concluded an Authorized Dealer Agreement to present and offer the products of NRG Systems in ther region of Bulgaria and we have joined their Global Dealer Network. Long Man team specialists offer as well technology support for Bulgaria and the region, and the activities that we are able to perform in this regard are installation of the wind measurement equipment, operation and maintenance, analysis of the measurement data and preparation of final report with the results obtained.
For processing the data and preparing a wind audit we use the professional software WindPro. The wind audits include information regarding the expected annual production for different wind turbine types, average wind speed on different heights, prevailing direction, wind power density, speed distribution on Weilbull, wind rose as well as other peculiarities of the wind. Our wind audits have been accepted from various banks in Bulgaria and other financial institutions preparing business models. 


Wind studies and audits for wind parks in Bulgaria include:

  • Selection and delivery of measurement equipment suitable for the particular terrain
  • Collecting and processing data from the measuring equipment 
  • Analysis of the data and determining the wind potential based on raw data from the equipment 
  • Assessment of the resource in relation to the orography of the terrain and the location of the wind park
  • Assessment of the power curve in order to choose the best wind turbine type 
  • Co-relation and correction of the used raw data with long-term data from different met models.
  • Including different types of loss and calculation inaccuracies, such as electrical losses, wake effect, wind hysteresis, icing, wind extrapolation, turbulence, etc
  • Calculations of shadow and noise effect 
  • Presenting the expected production on an annual, seasonal, monthly, daily and hourly basis depending on the probability of exceedance P50, P75, P90
measurement pic measurement pic measurement pic

Long Man has conducted more than 30 wind audits for wind projects situated in Bulgaria and also abroad. Many of our wind audits have been a reason for funding projects with a resource of the European bank for Reconstruction and Development in Bulgaria. 

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