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For clients willing to invest in already installed projects Long Man offers full audit of wind park projects in Bulgaria. Our team guarantees detailed analysis of the already implemented wind park and its operation in order to minimize the risk when buying the project or the whole company owner of the project. 

As part of this activity, Long Man conducts legal, technical and financial audit / Due Diligence/ of already constructed projects in Bulgaria. The legal audit analyzes the project documentation and its correspondence with the legal base in force in the country. In case of incompleteness and inaccuracies we prepare recommendations for correction. The technical due diligence observes the complete technical documentation and all investment projects including technical solutions for the wind park’s infrastructure. The financial audit analyzes the financial results for past periods and provides information for future perspectives.  The coordinated work of our team, specialized in different areas, guarantees the professional and complete character of our audits. 

Long Man offers the clients interested in investing in already constructed wind parks in Bulgaria the most financially profitable and legally the most stable solution for the wind park acquisition. We realize the whole procedure for obtaining depending on the chosen solution and therefore our team is consisted of top professionals in each direction.

  • Due diligence and project sale in Bulgaria include:

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    • Legal due diligence- Complete analysis of the ownership and feasibility study documentation; detailed analysis of the procedures of Development zoned plans (DZP) - constitutional plans and DZP-plot plans, supply approvals , right of way and cable laying,  easement rights , build leases;
    • Technical due diligence- Еxploring the parts of the investment project- electro part, construction, geology and geodesy, technical decisions for roots and pads and correspondence of project documentation with the signed grid connection contracts; 
    • Economic due diligence - Analysis of the profitability of the investment, including detailed description of the investment and running costs, profits based on the expected annual production; money flows.
    • Procedures in legal-technical acquisition - Procedures in legal-technical acquisition of the projects depending on the particular case- acquisition of capital shares of the company owner; bringing the power plant as a totality of properties  and  movables as a non-cash payment in the capital of a new company and its acquisition; procedures for transformation according to Chapter 16 from the Commercial law and others. 
    • Legal, financial and technical consultations regarding investments in the energy sector- Legal, financial and technical consultations regarding investments in the energy sector.

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