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This is one of the main directions of the Long Man activity, as our experience in the development and management of wind parks in Bulgaria is over 10 years, dating from 2004 when we started with the design of the first wind projects in Bulgaria
The activity includes the complete development of the wind park project, that is why we conduct all the procedures for the feasibility study and investment planning in order to supply building lease in accordance with the legal requirements in force in Bulgaria. Our partners in this stage are well-established designer in the area- geodesists, architects, geologists, constructors, electrical designers and others. During this stage we work in a co-operation with representatives of the municipalities as well as such of the state authorities- Geodesy, cartography and cadastre agency, Ministry of the Environment and Water of Bulgaria, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture and Health and others. Altogether with the representatives of the distribution/transmission company we discuss and look for the most appropriate technical, financial and legal decisions for the grid connection of the wind parks.
Within the scope of the present activity Long Man conducts also the management of the project during construction, as it coordinates the different activities and controls the construction process and its correspondence with the project documentation. Together with the construction supervision company we take care of the documentation for Regulation 2 for commissioning and obtaining usage permission. 

  • Development and management of projects in Bulgaria include:

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    • Determination of  the  areas with suitable wind potential;
    • Provision of land for wind power projects
    • Installation of wind measurement equipment and  preparing  wind audits
    • Optimization of the park through software simulation in order to choose the most suitable turbines and plan their best positioning on the terrain
    • Pre-investment design- ecological decisions, Assessment for the Environmental Impact procedures, procedures for preparing and approval of DZP and signing preliminary contracts for grid connection;
    • Investment design- preparing the necessary investment projects, supply with build permission and final contracts for grid connectio;
    • Preparation of business models and consultations regarding the project financing;
    • Commissioning of the wind park and ensuring usage permission of Directorate for National Construction Supervision- Territory Planning Act  procedures, Regulation 2 and Regulation 3.
    • Power purchase agreement signing.  

    Due to the wide scope of our activity we could offer our investors a complete wind park project development until its commissioning, in addition we can also work on different procedures or stages of its development. 

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