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Due to our extensive experience in the wind energy sector in Bulgaria and the well-established positions we have from the earliest moment of its development in Bulgaria, Long Man has turned into a synonym for guarantee of quality and trustworthiness. Understanding the specifics of the industry and offering a full package of services, we have become a preferred partner for both Bulgarian and foreign investors. 
From the stage of the first draft we explore the different possibilities and through software simulations we determine the expected annual production when using different types of wind turbines. We also optimize the position of the machines in the park in order to achieve the best possible effect of using the wind as an energy source. 

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During the stage of feasibility study and investment planning we prepare ecological assessments and reports on Assessment for the Environmental Impact, we conduct procedures for change of land status and we cover all investment projects required for obtaining a building permit. Together with the highly professional design studios we are looking for the best possible ways for grid access of the projects both technically and financially. 
Throughout the installation process we guarantee complete control in accordance with the construction activities and the project documentation, fulfilling the functions of investor control.  We work with construction supervision on the documents required for Regulation 2 for commissioning and obtaining usage permission. 
In the course of the operation of the already constructed wind power plants, our clients can count on specialized consultations, related to the implementation of the grid connection contracts and the power purchase agreement, as well as consulting in relation to the rapidly changing legal base. Our team of professionals will consult you when signing insurance and security contracts, land rent or lease and all other activities related to the administration of the park during operation. 
The main directions of Long Man’s activity are wind studies and audits, development and management of projects, full due diligence when selling projects, commercial and energy management, legal consultations. 

  • The development direction of Bulgarian free electricity market is outlined by the acting European legislation and is aimed to its gradual liberalization. It is an irreversible process with one goal – to create a competitive environment which will lead to optimization of the energy price and improvement of the service quality. Bulgarian energy market enables its participants to freely negotiate prices. The liberalization process embraces both consumers by allowing them to select their own supplier and producers who are able to sell produced energy to a chosen trader, by negotiating the prices, the terms of contract and billing and other related services.
    With the amendments to the Energy of Renewable Sources Act of 2015 after reaching determined by EWRC net specific production /NSP/ the producers can sell their electric energy on the free market to traders at freely negotiated prices. These amendments and the 2018 and 2019 reforms in the Energy Act (EE), related to the obligation for producers with installed capacity of 1MW and above 1MW to offer all their electricity on the organized energy exchange, gave rise to an increase of the share of the commercial participants in the free electricity market at the expense of those on a regulated market.
    Producers trading on the free electricity market with buyers at freely negotiated prices, after reaching the NSP and 1MW and above 1MW producers, selling to the energy exchange through coordinator, can fully rely on the experience and the professionalism of long Man team, who is committed to ensure accurate and in-depth market analysis and to negotiate the best conditions for the realization of the production in a competitive environment.
    By taking part in the free and balancing market, RES producers need to plan their future production well because each trader needs to guarantee its supply.  Because wind is unpredictable source, going into a free market is a difficult and intelligent task that requires specific knowledge and use of specialized software products. In this regard, Long Man Holding participates actively in the implementation, development and ongoing optimization of specialized software system for data processing, estimation of possible deviations and forecasting, which is essential for optimizing the imbalances costs. Reducing the producer’s costs is a major factor for increasing of his competitiveness and allows him to realize better profitability and to invest in development and growth of his activity.  
    Long Man is successfully operating and advancing in the field of the Energy management, administrating and controlling wide range of the energy market activities by providing a constant monitoring, research and analysis of the free electricity and balancing market with the main goal – cost optimization and increasing the profit of its clients and partners.

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